What's New: RtPermitting v2015-0


General Enhancements for Employees

Additional Email Notifications

How it works:

If an email address is entered onto the application that is different than the user account email address, all APP notifications associated to the permit will be sent to the this extra email address in addition to the user account email address.

Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

Custom Website title


Go to, Administration > System Settings > System tab. Click modify next to the WEBSITE_TITLE to update.

Changes in User Profile and List of Registered Companies Reports

How it works:

When the user profile and/or insurance information is updated or modified from the User Profile, it resets the profile verification process. In addition, insurance certificates can now be attached with the user profile or through the List of Registered Companies. Email notifications on insurance expiration can now be sent to Applicants and Employees, as well as, an employee notification when a user account has been modified.


To set-up the profile process for your Organization, go to the Administration > System Settings > Profile tab. You will find the options to show/hide and set the requirements for the following:

To set-up the following new email notifications to be set by default for current applicant accounts, go to Administration > Notifications > Applicant Notifications. Click View Subscribers and then click Add Missing Default Subscribers. To set-up organizational users, go to Administration > Groups > select the new notifications that employee group can subscribe to receive. Then go to the Administration > Notifications > Organization Notifications. Click View Subscribers > Add Missing Default Subscribers. Any user who does not want to receive the email notification will need to unsubscribe to receive the notification by going to User > Edit Your Notifications.

List of Registered Companies Reports Employee can see history of files for each user, manage, and upload a new one.

To attach or view files associated to the profile, go to Reports > List of Registered Companies > click Edit. If a file has been uploaded to the account, a link will display under the Certificate of Insurance column.

Below the list of Registered Companies, there is a button to remove any accounts that may have employee rights. Clicking on this will remove those accounts from the registered company listing. You will also find a button to manually expire and reset verification and insurance expiration fields to "no" if insurance expiration date is set to current date or before. A job will run overnight updating expiration status.

Enhancements to Moving/Transportation for Employees

Single Move Permit Valid Dates based on applicant entered start and end date

How it works:

Single Move Permit Valid Dates based on applicant entered start and end date on application


Go to, Administration > Moving Permit Types. Click Modify next to any permits that you want to set the permit expiration to use the applicant entered start and end dates.

Note the updated instructions and wizard to guide the set-up of permit expiration:

Once you have saved your permit type, use this wizard to manage these options.
If you choose 1) Use start/end dates as entered, then move start and move end dates will be used.
Or, if a valid season for this permit type exists, these options will be ignored, and the season will determine the start and end dates.
Or, if you choose 2) Limit permits to date range and fill out Range start date, the 3) Days before permit expires options will be ignored, and the date range will determine the start and end dates.
Or, if 3) Days before permit expires is blank or zero, the permit will not expire.