GovAP for Invoice Management

Accounts Payable, Invoice and Expense Management

GovAP improves A/P processing efficiency by decreasing costs and time spent routing, copying, filing, and following up on issues or incomplete forms. Avoid paying for an invoice more than once with duplicate invoice recognition, improve cash flow management through real-time dashboards, queries, and reports, and select expenses for export by payment date to prevent late or early payments. Electronic storage of invoices, forms, approvals, and notes allows quick and easy access to all historical expenses.

GovAP Capabilities

Accounts Payable Management

Speed Up Account Payable Processing

Use GovAP to decrease the amount of time spent on accounts payable processing and management.

  • Integrations for financial and cost account systems eliminate manual entry and costly errors
  • Approved vendors can email their invoices directly into the department dashboard and track progress for individual invoices without user account setup or login.
  • Notifications when approvals are required or when forms are changed or adjusted and application warnings and notices to prevent duplicate invoices from being paid
Employee Reimbursement and Expense Management

Simplify Expense Reimbursement

Capture pictures of receipts from your phone to easily create and submit expense forms. Electronically approve and route, then track the status for reimbursements.

  • Itemize expenses by account code and add time stamped comments, attachments, and more
  • Use a mileage calculator to quickly determine the amount of reimbursement without mathematical error
  • Mobile-optimized and modern interfaces allow for access from any device
Reports and File Management

Locate Files and View Reports with Ease

Easily search for historical invoices and view relevant reports to stay on top of budgets and audits.

  • Customize and view real-time reports of dollars spent per vendor, account, individual, and more
  • Share your account budget and expense reports with internal staff or with the public to gain organization transparency
  • Use the GovAP application as a repository to search for and query historical invoices and expense forms

GovAP Integrations

GovAP integrates with other popular software to provide even more functionality.
Learn about all integrations with RTVision products here.

  • Avenu
  • CPT
  • IFS
  • Custom Integrations

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