OneOffice for Right of Way

Project visibility for informed land acquisition decisions

OneOffice for Right of Way is a land acquisition management solution that keeps acquisition project information in a centralized online database. Powerful reporting and milestone tracking provide your team the project visibility needed to make informed decisions.

OneOffice for Right of Way Capabilities

Customized Data Tracking

Maintain Records in a Single Location

  • Customize the data tracked and the workflows used
  • Create custom project and parcel menus based upon your business processes
  • Incorporate your current reports and documents to create and maintain all project and parcel records in a single location
Collaboration and Integration

Connect With Other Systems and Stakeholders

Using modern technologies, easily connect with other applications and internal systems.

  • Mobile-enabled and modern technologies, using RESTful API services
  • Provide custom, limited access to external stakeholders, on a per project basis
  • Out of the box integrations into commonly used project management tools like Dropbox, Microsoft Office, ArcGIS, tax systems, and more
Searching and Reporting

Find Information Within Seconds

With all acquisition and legal data maintained in one location, quickly find and report on all of the information you need.

  • Using any number of key search fields, find parcel details from historical projects with ease
  • Create dynamic reports to put your project and parcel data to use
  • Audit tracking provides the ability to for users to be able to easily see changes, deletions, and additions; then revert if need be

OneOffice for Right of Way Integrations

OneOffice for Right of Way integrates with other popular software to provide even more functionality.
Learn about all integrations with RTVision products here.

  • ArcGIS
  • MS Office Word
  • MS Office Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • Dropbox
  • Mapbox

OneOffice for Right of Way Case Studies

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