OneOffice for Construction Project Management

Infrastructure Construction Project Management

OneOffice is a complete infrastructure project management solution that manages projects from early planning phases through inspections and payments. Efficiently manage infrastructure and maintenance projects in a customizable application that keeps all project stakeholders in sync with real time communication and collaboration tools.

OneOffice Capabilities

Funding Allocation & Management

Create funding reports and pay estimates with accuracy and ease

Reduce mathematical errors and user-entry mishaps through automated funding calculations, caps, and adjustments.

  • Dynamically build your contract funding allocation, then associate your funding availability for each project item
  • Update and modify funding as new sources become available, or as change management requires
  • Effortlessly create funding reports and pay estimates/vouchers from transacted quantities, while gaining financial oversight
Project Procurement

Efficiently manage project bids

Create a customizable project page that provides necessary details for organizations bidding on your project.

  • Upload project plans, create advertisements for bids, and provide bid item and plan holder lists to potential bidders, allowing bidders to post public questions
  • Send automated emails when new project addenda or messages are added to ensure bidders receive updated information
  • Use online bidding and/or import plan holder bid values to generate bid tabulation results within minutes
Construction Administration & Change Management

Stay updated on real-time changes

Maintain all construction project records and documentation in one electronic location for easier management and streamlined auditability.

  • Control and manage access rights to limit who can view and/or edit information; view all changes in the application with audit tracking
  • Record change management information and electronically sign documentation to prevent project delays
  • Keep your project on track by sharing real-time data and KPI metrics with all necessary parties, including consultants, contractors, and other agencies

Manage all inspection data in one location

Inspection tools provide access to projects with or without Internet connection, in mobile-optimized and modern interfaces; providing user-friendly access from any location and any device.

  • Notes and contractor/equipment tracking provide daily reports, reducing errors and streamlining your construction project management
  • Maintain task lists (punch lists, submittals, RFI’s and more), as well as material testing information to provide a comprehensive audit trail and keep all stakeholders on the same page
  • Photos and videos can be uploaded to provide project details, and locations of notes and photos can be tagged to visually see where issues are occurring

OneOffice CPM Integrations

OneOffice CPM integrates with other popular software to provide even more functionality.
Learn about all integrations with RTVision products here.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Value Payment Systems
  • Mapbox
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft Outlook

Complete Infrastructure Construction Management Solution

  1. Plan and collaborate on multi-year budgets and project designs.
  2. Update funding and automate financial oversight throughout the project lifecycle.
  3. Streamline and standardize through online bidding processes and tools.
  4. Improve field tracking and communication with real time daily logs, photos, material tests, geo-tags and transactions.
  5. Reduce disruptions and disputes through streamlined change management processes.
  6. Customize documentation and approval processes to ensure project compliance and improved auditing.

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