Simplified SSTS process with OneGov

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Washington County, MN

Population: 267,568

Department: Public Health and Environmental

Customer Since: 2015

Product: OneGov

Washington County in Minnesota, part of the 7 County Metro Area (5th largest county via population in Minnesota) was looking for a SSTS solution to manage the large amount of data generated in their Public Health and Environmental Department. They were seeking a solution that would comply with State requirements for Septic Systems and Treatment, including permitting (new and pumping), inspections and reporting tools. 

Division Manager Jeff Travis, stated “We wanted to provide a system to our citizens and employees to make our SSTS process more effective, efficient and accurate when accessing and retrieving data. After looking at several options, we found that RTVision had the best solution to serve us for many years to come.”

The county board approved the recommendation of the Public Health and Environment Department to work with RTVision and the program was implemented in February 2015. 

OneGov provided the County with the ability to customize workflow processes and compliance and non-compliance letters.

“RTVision is looking forward to working on this project with Washington County’s Department of Public Health and Environment. We also work with Washington County’s Public Works Department that utilizes solutions developed by RTVision. We are excited to enhance our relationship with Washington County,” said Marc Rood, RTVision’s National Director of Business Development.