A Seamless Pay Process with OneOffice


Sonoma County, CA

Sonoma County, CA

Population: 488, 863

Products: OneOffice

Department: Transportation and Public Works

Sonoma County began looking for an application to replace an aging system that had been used primarily for pay estimate generation.  They not only had the goal of moving toward a modern cloud solution that would bring them closer to a paperless process, but they were also trying to reduce the amount of staff time associated with creating each pay estimate. 

“The old Fortran system we have been using has lost many parts of its functionality so in addition to OneOffice creating a more seamless pay process, we are excited for its overall ability to manage projects more efficiently as well.”

Forrest Corson, Sonoma County

OneOffice was able to accomplish Sonoma County’s goals and more.  When COVID-19 arrived, having a web-based and hosted solution provided flexibility as employees were forced to work remotely.  The County has also began using the customization features in OneOffice to generate their own County specific documents and reports.  In using many of these new features in OneOffice, Corson noted that OneOffice “is becoming, with all of its modernization and increased functionality, the best program out there for public agencies”