Efficiency and Cost Savings with Time Basic and Time Plus Tracking


Clay County, MN

Clay County, MN

Population: 65,318

Product: Timecard

Depts: County-wide

Customer Since: 2011

Clay County, MN employs approximately 540 individuals and prior to using Time Basic and Time Plus for the entire County, primarily populated timecards in an Excel spreadsheet. These individual spreadsheets were then printed, signed, and provided to the Auditor’s Office for manual processing and entry into the payroll system.

While the County was interested in moving to an electronic system that would automate those processes, they were concerned with the ability to utilize time tracking in the Highway Department because of the activity codes that needed to be tracked and managed, as well as whether they would have the ability to connect their outshops with Internet access.

However, the County noted that during the implementation process, RTVision was able to address their concerns and most employees were excited to hear that they would be moving to an electronic timecard solution. Even for those employees who had little technical ability, they found the solution to be quick to learn with the easy-to-use drop down options and custom pay code views.

Following the implementation and training, the County conducted an internal ROI study to determine the hour and cost savings. They found that, within the Highway Department alone, they were able to save 18.5 weeks (about 4 and a half months) of time per year, with the additional data recording that the timecard manages, including activities, projects, and equipment tracking. The payroll group saved approximately 15 hours per pay period, for a total County cost reduction of $28,000 per year and a ROI of 376%. Overall, the County felt very satisfied with the efficiencies and has been using the application since 2011.