Structured Cost Accounting and Payroll Management with Time Plus

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Wood County, WI

Wood County, WI

Population: 74,207

Product: Timecard

Department: Highway

Customer Since: 2016

Wood County Highway Department used to receive daily paper time sheets that needed to be hand-keyed into cost accounting and payroll to track project costs and to pay employees. The paper process required extensive manual work, which also resulted in delayed information that was hard to access. In addition, paper time sheets were not structured enough to address all the cost accounting and payroll rules, which was problematic in trying to maintain timely, accurate processing.

To address this problem, the Wood County Highway Department looked for a solution that offered a more streamlined and structured approach to cost accounting and payroll. When talking with other agencies, they found many were either using only paper or an electronic payroll system which did not have a cost accounting feature, so it still required paper timesheets to be completed.

Time Plus allows employees to enter in time and project costs directly into the software so supervisors can review, electronically approve and export directly into the payroll system. By combining both the needs for project cost tracking and payroll into one solution, the Highway Department was able to automate the entire process.

“The easy-to-use interface made learning the software straightforward, even for those with limited computer experience. We had staff with no previous computer experience. These individuals are now entering their time sheets on their smartphones. It made entering in time more structured and efficient while increasing the accuracy and timeliness of the data.”

Caity Carmody, Accounting Technician for the Highway Department

By removing data re-entry and adding structured entries that are based on payroll and project costing rules, Carmody estimates the time required to enter project cost data has been reduced by 97%, and the payroll processing time has been reduced by 62%.

“It was a big change for our department, but with RTVision’s help we were provided the tools to successfully complete system testing and training – so the transition was smooth,” Carmody said.