Efficient Project Management with OneOffice

Coon Rapids

Coon Rapids, MN

City of Coon Rapids, MN

Population: 63,599

Product: OneOffice

Dept: Engineering

Customer Since: 2017

The nine-member Engineering Division at the City of Coon Rapids began using RTVision’s OneOffice program in the spring of 2017. They found that the program improved efficiency for their annual street reconstruction program, which includes between 8 and 10 miles of streets each year. Moving from paper project documentation to OneOffice, the City was able to take advantage of electronic documentation and automated workflow processes; encompassing engineer’s estimate creation, funding distribution, bidding, inspections, payments, as well as creation of State and Federal required forms.

Mark C. Hansen, P.E., Coon Rapids Assistant Engineer, noted a benefit of being able to automatically create pay requests from the daily inspection quantity entries, saying, “[it] made the process of developing contractor pay requests much more efficient. No longer does our staff need to spend overtime in the office on weekends during the construction season putting together these pay requests.”

Management of a project becomes all the more difficult when using paper or shared spreadsheets because it reduces the ability to collaborate on a project, real-time. Not only does OneOffice provide internal, real-time project access, the application also engages external project stakeholders, such as contractors, suppliers, State officials, and constituents, just to name a few; providing project updates, documentation, plan set and bidding details, reroute details, and more.

“We have found the program to be useful in moving our projects from planning and design through construction.” Mark goes on to say, “The program has made it easy for contractors to obtain copies of pay requests through the eGram website. Additionally, the OneOffice program has made it possible for our engineering staff to electronically document construction photos, inspection reports, and quantities on a daily basis.”

Mark C. Hansen, P.E., Coon Rapids Assistant Engineer