Effective Time Tracking and Payroll Process with Timecard

Boone County

Boone County, IA

Boone County, IA

Population: 26,715

Application: Timecard

Dept: County-wide

Customer Since: 2019

In February 2020, Boone County went live with Time Basic and Time Plus to streamline time and attendance reporting. Stacy Tharp, Human Resource Director for Boone County said, “Before using Time Basic and Plus, we were using spreadsheets every two weeks for payroll. The law requires employees to approve their time, so we would have to get signatures from employees with every pay period. Then, if we would need to make corrections, we would have to get employees signature again. It was really a pain.”

To solve this and add efficiency to their current process, Boone County looked for a web-based software system that would integrate with their finance software and would allow employees to access the software from home, cell phones or at work. In addition to that, they also needed a system that would account for different types of employee timesheets to control time-tracking options for three different union contracts.

“The options to setup different departments and different templates for employees, and the option to have employees’ clock in/out or just account for their time is great,” Tharp said.

Now, Boone County has time sheets set up for each union contract, making it easier for employees to record their time and greatly reducing the number of time sheet corrections that need to be made after submission to supervisors and payroll personnel. Employees can electronically review and approve both timecards and time off requests. Employees are also notified if a supervisor or payroll personnel needs to make a change to their time sheet and this information is tracked and stored in the application for auditing.  

“Before implementing Time Basic and Plus our capability to track FMLA, Military Leave and other leave was very limited. With Time Basic and Plus it has allowed us to track accurately, and with employees being able to access time sheets from anywhere, employees are able to submit time while away from work. With Covid19 and all the extra leave and rules, I am not sure what we would have done without electronic time sheets. I have employee information instantly and employees do also.”

Stacy Tharp, Human Resource Director for Boone County

In addition to time and attendance tracking, the Boone County Secondary Roads Department is using Time Plus, which provides time, activity and equipment tracking.

“Our Secondary Roads Department is using Time Plus, which allows our employees to go back and look at the work they did and the location they did it at,” Tharp said. “We started small and are only accounting for employee hours, but we hope to expand in the future to track parts and equipment used in the field. I think any of our Secondary Roads employees would say it is easy and does not take much time. They like the electronic request for time off and being able to access their time sheet anywhere.”

With Time Basic and Plus, Boone County has been able to effectively track working hours for multiple departments, streamline their payroll process and meet all legal requirements with less work.