Low-Cost Online Permit Management with OneGov

Franklin County-7

Franklin County, OH

Franklin County, OH

Population:  1,323,807

Dept: Engineering

Product: OneGov

Customer Since: 2019

In 2019, Franklin County, OH, the most populous County in Ohio and home of the state capital, Columbus, wanted to automate the Engineering Departments permit process and move it online.  Prior to using OneGov for online permit management, applicants would manually handwrite into a permit application document, which would then be submitted to the City by fax or email and payments would be made by mailing a check.  This caused delays in receiving funds and often times made the permit application form difficult to read.

With the introduction of OneGov, Franklin County Engineer’s Office is now able to offer it’s citizens with a 100% online process: data is entered online, permits are electronically approved, payments are electronically made. With moving their permit process online, both citizens and County employees have benefited in being able to provide greater access to permit submission, as well as efficiencies through features like automation rules and email reminders.  

“We receive email notification when permit request are made and are able to issue permits with a few clicks on the keyboard,” Utilities Supervisor Steve Buskirk said.

Franklin County Engineering online permits include Special Hauling, ROW Utility, and Driveway permits.  Each of these permits has unique requirements, rules and workflow processes, and with the ‘low/no-code’ setup in OneGov, the County can create permits and make changes without costly development fees.

“RTVision staff have helped us develop the system to meet our daily operational needs,” Buskirk said. “This has been a great transition for our office.”