Surveying and Managing GPS Points with WorkCentral


Morrison Soil & Water Conservation District, MN

Population: 34,010

Product: WorkCentral

The Morrison Soil & Water Conservation District, located in Minnesota, is responsible for various soil, water, and wildlife programs and services, including administration of the Wetland Conservation Act for Morrison County.  It covers 1,153 square miles and encompasses many waterways, including the Mississippi River.

The MSWCD was looking for an application to survey and manage many different geographical points important to soil and water conservation, including culvert inventory, wetland boundaries, and more.  They purchased WorkCentral and eOS devices to survey and record multiple GPS points within a single record so they can easily view and report on various factors like culvert conditions, flow direction, maintenance records, and more.  

With GIS integrations, data can easily be viewed from both tabular and map reports to provide real-time updates and queries based upon the various agencies that request and utilize data from the Water Conservation District.

Mike Becker, a Drainage Buffer Technician for the MSWCD, noted that the data he collects is shared with and used by agencies, such as: Morrison County Public Works, Morrison County Land Services, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Camp Ripley, and Morrison County Townships.  

“Some of the benefits these groups have seen are that they can use the data collected to model water flow throughout the area of study. The road authorities use the data to plan maintenance work regarding culverts and FEMA used this data to help redraw flood maps,” Becker said.