Electronic Tracking with Timecard


Waupaca County, WI

Waupaca County, WI

Population: 51,812

Department: Highway

Product: Timecard

Customer Since: 2014

Waupaca County, located in East Central Wisconsin, selected a solution from RTVision to bring electronic timecards to their Highway Department. They were looking for a program to track all the necessary details related to staff activities and integrate that information into their cost account (job costing) solution. Also taken into consideration was a program that could eliminate paper being used for timesheets at the County. They selected RTVision’s Timecard Plus for their Highway Department. 

“The staff that handles timesheets for the employees would spend a lot of time correcting mistakes, trying to read what was written and fill in missing information on the paper timesheets. We wanted a program that could eliminate these errors and allow our staff to spend time on other important projects. After seeing the presentation at a Wisconsin Road School event along with a couple Highway board members, I got back to the office, shared that information with internal staff and set-up a demonstration with RTVision. The board members and I saw that implementing this process would allow Waupaca County to start saving money and become a more efficient Highway Department quickly.” 

Dean Steingraber, Highway Commissioner

“We worked closely with RtVision and their Project Manager to set-up our employees. Due to their experience RtVision was able to work with us and provide the best approach in setting up our program. We have already used the administration section to add new employees, projects and time off balances to the system. There is a learning curve, but most of the employees have adjusted well, making us realize as they continue to get used to the program they will be able to fill out timesheets quickly.”

Kris Carlin, Accountant Office Manager for Waupaca